Duane Michals and Me

Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting Duane Michals at my photo lab here in NY. We spoke briefly and he became enamored with my tattoo. He asked if he could photograph me and I more than jumped at the chance to have a legend like Duane Michals take my picture. Since then Seth & I have become friendly with Duane and his lovely partner Fred. He is very charming, funny, and a real goofball. I am happy to have gotten to know the very dishonorable and quite distasteful Mr. Michals.

(c) 2007 Duane Michals


Fall River Boys

A couple of new photographs from my recent trip to Fall River... Stay tuned for some exciting information about this project.

Carlos, Manuel, and Eric



Nelson and Sparky

My friend Nelson Santos director of Visual AIDS has been curating a project of photographs of himself and his dog Sparky for several years called the Sparky Project. His enthusiasm for having artists and photographers create a piece of work about them is really impressive. He is currently having a show of the much of the work to date up in Chelsea. It is a an earnest and heartfelt project with many lovely surprises.
The Sparky Show
May 15-June 28, 2008
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 15, 6-8 pm
Schroeder Romero / Winkleman Gallery Project Space
637 West 27th Street (btw 11th and 12th Ave) NYC

My photo of the Dynamic Duo



Pardon me while I gush about the best chicken wings I have ever tasted. I stumbled upon this little Japanese store front in Chelsea the other night and my addiction for wings was seriously indulged. It is called Tebaya and is located on West 19th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. Here is their website.


New Lens Old Friends

My former photography professor from NYU, a terrific man named Tom Drysdale - lent me a couple large format lenses recently. The photographs you see here were made with one of them - which is an old lantern lens from the nineteenth century. The focus as you can see is really sharp at the center point and falls off rather quickly moving out. All in all a beautiful lens. I like the vignetting that happens here as well. This has been fun to work with but I am of the mind that one must be careful to not push too far in any one direction when it comes to a technique or a tool that creates an effect that becomes in itself an element of the picture.

Matt      Douglas, MI 2008

Niels      Douglas, MI 2008


Gorgeous Slide Show of Kyrgyzstan

on the New York Times website by photographer Carolyn Drake. Her website backs up these beautiful images with a lot more strong work especially from central Asia (a part of the world I very much want to return to someday.) I think this photographer has a really unique and special point of view - please check out her work...

(c) 2008 Carolyn Drake for The New York Times


Masato Seto

I became aware of these fantastic portraits by Masato Seto through Malia at Jackson Fine Art. They are currently promoting this work and I thought they were definitely worth promoting here on my blog. The women on display are sitting in betel nut booths in Taipei and its outskirts. The space, light, and feminine gaze are all very intriguing.


Cameron and Tyrone

I found these lovely boys doing a street workout up in Harlem on a beautiful block called Hamilton Terrace. I am loving their blingy belts. Don't be surprised if you see me sporting one soon...


40th Birthday. I made it!

May 2, 2008     Douglas, Michigan


Christopher Doyle

We have recently been renting films shot by master cinematographer Christopher Doyle. Any film shot by him is a visual delight. He served as director of photography for many of the films of Wong Kar Wai and Gus Van Sant. One particular over the top film I just saw is called Dumplings directed by Fruit Chan - it is both stunning and totally creepy. Check em out...

Still from: Paranoid Park

Still from: In the Mood for Love