Art 21

PBS has a fantastic series called Art 21 that has been on the air for about a decade. Since I don't own a television, I hadn't seen too much of the show. All the individual artists segments are now online. I have been working my way through a treasure trove of really well produced interviews with some of the great artists of our time. The artists (photographers included) talk about their work and process in a really straightforward manner and are presented to us thoughtfully edited with no bells or whistles. What the majority of these artists share is that the act and sometimes struggle of creating their work, whether alone in their studio or out in the streets is what truly motivates them. Good Stuff!


The Radical Camera: New York's Photo League, 1936-1951

There are only three weeks left to see this fantastic show at The Jewish Museum. There are well over a hundred images documenting early twentieth century America and many are unheard-of names from photo history. It is a real treat of a show and if you haven't already seen it and are in New York City - GO!