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New Tattoo Boys



If you haven't seen the series... check it out.


Hitch Hikers

My partner Seth found this wonderful little book Hitch Hikers a couple months ago by American photographer Doug Biggert at a book store in Paris. It is a fantastic collection of portraits of hitch hikers that Mr. Biggert picked up while driving in northern California and across the United States in his old Volkswagen bug. The introduction states that he begin the project in 1973, inspired after meeting Henri Cartier Bresson in a Saint Patrick's Day parade, he has made over 450 photographs to date and has a story for almost all of them. Some of the images read with a strong suggestion of the potency and potentiality of young male sexuality and many of them intrigue us to want to know more about his passengers. A great find but it seems to be very difficult to find here in the states and on the net but is available here through Amazon.fr


Hotel Room Portraits

I have finally gotten around to updating the Hotel Room Portraits series on my website. I also migrated it from renaldi/2 to renaldi/projects as I feel this project is very special. After the amount of traveling we have done there were a lot of additions - below are some of my favorite and here is a link to the entire series to date. A warning for those who might be uncomfortable with nudity - though most of these images are "G" rated, there are one or two I would rate as "NC17's"...

Helsinki, Finland 2007

Riverton, Wyoming 2007

Linz, Austria 2008

Taipei, Taiwan 2008

Olsztyn, Poland 2007



the day to day life of albert hastings

This book by KayLynn Deveney is another recent acquisition to our photo book collection. It is a really lovely portrait of an elderly Welsh man and extremely touching. I highly recommend it.


Photo Prodigies

In the past year I have had the opportunity to meet two young photographers who are what I would call prodigies. Firstly, there is Shane Lavalette, newly 21. I had the pleasure to meet Shane at an opening last summer and we got to know one another last summer while he was interning here in NY. The other young prodigy is someone I met through Flickr named Pete Halupka, age 19. Pete and I hung out while he was in town for the Armory show and we photographed each other while he was at my place. In both cases these young men are extremely knowledgeable with regards to both the history of photography and what is going on in the current photography scene. The hunger for photographic knowledge and experience that they both possess is really something incredible. I myself was an undergraduate photography major at NYU in 1986 but it seems like knowledge and information has increased tenfold much mirroring the advance and spread of the internet. Anyway, hats off to these two young photographic talents and all those like them. Keeping the photographic passion alive and soaring.

Jörg Colberg, Shane Lavalette, and myself September 2007
photo courtesy of Jörg Colberg's flickr page

Pete Halupka March 2008



Building on my family series that I began last summer I also set out to make portraits of my friends. Here are some of the images I like so far...

Allison   Manhattan 2007

Andy   Provincetown, 2007

Jen    Brooklyn 2006

Koray    Provincetown 2007

Kiki    Provincetown 2007


My Suburban Childhood

These old Renaldi family photographs of me are so grounded in American twentieth century snapshot vernacular. I loved that enormous stuffed Smokey the Bear. Many months later my brother George and his friends destroyed him by pulling off his limbs for fun. I cried and cried and cried...