Restoring Sanity!

Way to go to the thousands and thousands of people that turned out at the Rally yesterday.
And by the way Happy Halloween!

Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press


The Seward Peninsula

Some images from my recent excursion to Nome, Alaska and it's surrounding areas. Thankfully, I resisted the temptation to title this post Home from Nome...

Forlorn Christmas tree - Ben Huff Print Sale

Ben Huff is selling this amazing print titled Seuss Tree to raise money for his move down to Juneau. Get one while they last.


Failure (or skilled in the eye, not in the hand)

A few years back when I was trying to expand my artistic horizons I took a glass blowing class at a studio in Brooklyn. The teacher was really great and I was really enthusiastic about learning a new craft. I soon discovered that blowing glass required a lot of dexterity with your hands and athleticism - two things I painfully lack. The results as you can see are clearly "artistic" and not the least bit embarrassing...



This Grand Show

About a year ago I redesigned part of my website to feature full screen slideshows. I would like to announce the addition of a new project called This Grand Show. This body of work is a landscape project inspired by the meditations of John Muir.


Country Driving

Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory is an amazing book about contemporary China written by Peter Hessler. Hessler's impressions while living and traveling in China over the course of his multiyear tenure as the Beijing correspondent for the New Yorker are superbly chronicled in this book. Hessler describes in rich detail a road trip he made following the Great Wall of China for thousands of kilometers to its desert edges. It is a remarkable book about a nation on the move. Fascinating!

Hessler with 'The City Special'