Street Funnies

Sevilla, Spain January 22, 2008

I took this photo yesterday in Sevilla and I thought it would make a nice addition to my series "Street Funnies". You can see the rest of the series here. This work is an ongoing reflection of my interest in street photography. If you like street photography you also might be interested in seeing a show or checking out the work of my new friend - photographer Gus Powell. He currently has a show at the Museum of the City of New York through March 16th and it is really great.

(c) Gus Powell


Unintentional Series

Over the years this series of trophies has started to take shape - though I had not consciously been trying to do so... Now that it is stated though it becomes conscious... Rats!

Todos Santos,Mexico


Los Angeles


Family Photos - July 2007

I decided to start to make some large format portraits of my family members this summer while in Michigan. This is a project I intend to continue as I visit every year to the towns of Saugatuck and Douglas where many of my family members vacation and also reside. I presume that they will probably not approve of these images of themselves - as I am trying to make them appear real and a little raw (for instance my lovely sister Renee hates the image of herself in curls with a Daiquiri.) What I want to create is a portfolio of my family members as they really appear - not as they are for the camera in the form of snapshots and happy memory photographs...

X -REMOVED - because my sister begged me to...








from the Centro Cultural Nestor Agundez Martinez in Todos Santos, Baja Sur, Mexico January 3, 2007