Ben Huff

After my initial posting about going to Alaska to shoot for USA I received a couple of lovely emails from Alaskan Photographers. One of those being photographer Ben Huff who is doing a really exciting project on the Haul Road. If you are not familiar with the haul road (aka Dalton Highway) it is the 360 mile highway that goes to Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean. It is one of - if not the most - northern highway in the world. It is a treacherous drive full of rocks and flying gravel from tractor trailers on their way to the oil fields. Seth & I drove about a third of it back in 2003 - all the way to the Arctic Circle! Other strong and notable work to see on Alaska is the series Greetings from Dutch Harbor, Alaska by Jennifer Boomer and Fish-Work Bering Sea by Corey Arnold. Also a good resource for photographers and Photography lovers in Alaska is the Alaska Photographic Center.

All photos by (c) Ben Huff...


NBC and Matthew Mitcham

Here is an upsetting piece about 20 year old openly gay diver Matthew Mitcham - winner of the Olympic gold medal in the 10-meter platform (and a cutie to boot). Needless to say NBC's choice to ignore the only openly gay athlete in the 2008 Summer games and his compelling come from behind story is indicative of what a poor job the mainstream media in the United States is doing. And sadly, the awful mainstream media that we are stuck with is a major reason why I fear that John McCain is going to be our next president.


Back from Alaska

I returned today from 8 days of shooting in Alaska. It was the most productive spurt of shooting I think I have ever done. I met and photographed many lovely folks on this particular trip. Alaskans struck us (Seth & myself) as extremely easy going and friendly. Most all of the people I encountered with my camera were happy to collaborate with me in making photographs. A few noteworthy locations were at a state fair, an oyster farm, a village of Russian Old Believers, and a tribal picnic. At the oyster farm we were fortunate enough to eat a lunch of the freshest most delicious milky oysters right from the ocean - a sensation and experience I will never forget. I am looking forward to seeing the work realized in the USA Networks "Character in America" Project as well as someday publishing my two volume set on Alaska and Hawaii.

Cece's Kitchen

Dominick - a hitchhiker we picked up on our drive to Homer

moonlight on the Homer Spit

boy at the Kenai Peninsula State Fair in Ninilchik

Seth at the shore of the Kachemak Bay

Dan in a boat on his way to work at the oyster farm.

Kalsin Bay

Alaska State Flag


Alaska Bound

Off to Alaska for the USA cable network who are creating a book project and campaign with a variety of photographers titled "Character in America." Eventually, the work will weave wonderfully into my longterm project on Alaska and Hawaii aka 49 & 50.





photograph by Seth Boyd

I was on my way to scout locations for the Microsoft shoot in Cape Town as this hotel maid was on her way in. She had a strikingly intense face and lovely demeanor and I had thought to myself I wish I would have had time just then to photograph her. I also thought (only to myself) that my partner Seth who was staying behind and still in the room should do so in my absence. When I came back home from scouting Seth showed me the photographs that he had made that day and presto magicko there she was. I think it is beautiful portrait and am proud that my man made it. Seth generally considers himself an architectural photographer who does it strictly for the work but since he bought the D3 he has been a bit of a shutterbug.