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Pulse Miami

If you are in Miami for the art fairs visit us at Pulse Miami.

The Ice Palace
1400 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL
Booth # P2 in the Impulse Tent

Thursday December 1 1pm-7pm
Friday December 2 11am-7pm
Saturday December 3 11am-7pm
Sunday December 4 11am-5pm


If you have an iphone and like to take snaps with it check out Instagram. It's a free photo sharing app that allows you to easily post your photos and follow other people's feeds. I've been a little preoccupied with it since I got the 4S...
My feed is renaldiphotos


New York in Color

I am happy to have my work included in a recent survey titled New York in Color, edited by historian and curator Bob Shamis. New York in Color presents many iconic images not widely seen before, and is a thoughtfully arranged book.. Any lover of New York City will appreciate this collection of color photography from the past one hundred years.


Receiving this email is what makes me glad I allow myself to be accessible on the internet.

I'm not totally sure if you're going to be actually reading this or if you have a secretary doing it for you, but I stumbled upon your website because someone made a post on tumblr.com about your website. I was scrolling through your hotel room pictures and came across one that struck my attention and is still currently holding it.
I showed this to my brother and we were both a little confused.
1 - Why did you come to Winner, of all places...
2 - What motel/hotel were you staying in...
And 3 - I've lived in Winner for 16 years and thought it was crazy seeing that you took a picture of yourselves and put it on your site. WINNER SD!

I hope to talk to you. You two guys in the pictures got bonus awesome points from me.

Winnser, SD 2007
Hotel Room Portraits



I am proud to be included in the Lainzhou Photo Festival taking place this weekend in Lainzhou,China. I will be showing new work from my latest project Manhattan Sunday. I wish I could have made the trip as I am sure it is going to be an interesting mix of work in a unique setting.
I am also exhibiting work at the Charles Lane Press booth at the Pulse Art Fair in Miami December 1-4.
I have not updated my website in quite a long time due to the fact I am launching a new re-designed site coming in 2012. I am looking forward to sharing it. Stay tuned...

East Broadway 2011


Mona Lisas of the Suburbs

The other day, I received a beautiful new photo book from my friend Joerg Colberg of Conscientious blog fame. You may not know, but Joerg is also a publisher, whose mission is to put out original and challenging monographs through his cleverly named imprint Meier und Müller, the two most common surnames found in German telephone books.

The title "Mona Lisen der Vorstädte" which translates to "Mona Lisas of the Suburbs" refers to the work of Ute and Werner Mahler, a wife and husband team who travelled from Iceland to Ukraine making large format portraits of that most enduring European archetype: the girl of ambiguous beauty, and a face whose secrets are tucked safely away behind her bemused gaze.

The figures are framed by gray suburban backgrounds of the most generic and unmistakably European style. But each composition is carefully arranged, mating its subject to the landscape in a way that animates the indeterminate spaces in which they are posed, and beckons the viewer into the mysterious no man's land separating what we think we know about a person when we look at her portrait, and what we can never know.

A very interesting new photo book that you should order for your collection!


Please visit Charles Lane Press this weekend at the Editions Artists’ Books Offprint Photobook Fair
November 3-6
548 West 22nd Street
Free Admission
Friday 11 am – 7 pm
Saturday 11 am -7 pm
Sunday 11 am – 4 pm



I've twice been over to the Sasha Wolf gallery to see Elinor Carucci's most recent work about her and her twins Eden and Emmanuelle titled Born. The work is quite amazing and the prints are really beautiful to see in person.  I think Elinor is limning new and compelling territory in her photographic exploration of motherhood.  I'm quite looking forward to this project becoming a book. 

Eden and Emmanuelle the first month, 2004

Nick Cave

No, not the musician, the fashion designer, just seriously wowed me at his recent show at the Mary Boone Gallery here in NY. 

photos by James Prinz

photos Mary Boone Gallery


Book Signing - Interior Relations by Ian Van Coller

October 21, 2011
International Center of Photography
1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street NY, NY

The Map is not the Territory

Photographers Vanessa Winship & George Georgiou are traveling the United States over the course of the next year documenting their impressions of America. You can follow their work and travels on a blog titled The Map is not the Territory. Vanessa won the 2011 Henri Cartier Bresson Award and with that award is here for the next year working on a new project Out There: An American Odyssey.
George Georgiou is accompanying his wife Vanessa on the American journey and also photographing along the way. George Georgiou's work from Turkey is included in MoMA's New Photography 2011. George and Vanessa met in photography school in the UK over twenty-five years ago. The two of them are extraordinary photographers, and have such an admirable working partnership. Good Stuff!

© 2011 George Georgiou Reno, NV.

© Vanessa Winship from Dancers and Fighters


Arias with a Twist

Last night I saw a beautiful fantasia of a show starring NY legendary performer Joey Arias. The show is a collaboration between Arias and master puppeteer Basil Twist. It was a glorious performance taking you on a magical journey through the most imaginative stage design, sets, and puppetry. Arias has a very strong voice that often mirrors Billy Holiday and the show delivers the naughty punch you would expect from a drag diva like Arias. It is only running through tomorrow night but hopefully they will bring it back soon.


7 Minutes in Heaven

I just came across this wonderful series of shorts by Mike O'Brien, a Second City Alum and writer for Saturday Night Live. They are all shot in a closet and could be described as brief interview and performance bits. What makes them particularly interesting is how O'Brien's random guests react and respond to him. Here he is with Kristen Wiig - check it out.



4 horse related photographs from our recent drive to Salt Lake City. I was not intentionally shooting these.

and while we are at it...

NY Art Book Fair

We are showing our new book Interior Relations by Ian Van Coller, and a small exhibit of portraits from my forthcoming project Manhattan Sunday. Come by today, tomorrow, or Sunday!

September 30–October 2, 2011
22-25 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY
3rd Floor Photography Section – Table N08


Troubling news about Kodak

Here is another disturbing sign that Kodak may not be around too much longer. I hope it isn't so...


Peter Hessler wins 2011 MacArthur Fellow

Chinese Sentiment essayist wins the MacArthur Fellow!


Saves the Dates, Spread the Word

Charles Lane Press - Fall Events

September 30–October 2, 2011
22-25 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY

Book Signing and Launch of Interior Relations by Ian van Coller
October 21, 2011
International Center of Photography
1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street NY, NY

Editions|Artists' Book Fair
November 4 - November 6, 2011
548 West 22nd Street, NY, NY

Pulse Miami
December 1 - December 4, 2011
The Ice Palace1400 North Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida


Video by Jörg

My friend Joerg M Colberg of Conscientious has been making these really clever and funny videos as of late. His most recent one is about trying to write an artist statement. Joerg is both dry and subversive in these short clips - and I think they are fantastic and refreshing. Have a look.

Check out Photography is over and Photography is not over as well.



This summer I hiked to the top of the highest peak in New York State, Mt. Marcy at 5344 feet high. The hike was a fifteen mile round trip and over 4000 ft in elevation gain. It pretty well kicked my butt, especially on the way back down. For me there is a great pleasure derived from setting out with a destination point as your goal and then actually achieving it. Not to mention the stunning views, sublime vistas, and proximity to wildlife. Some of the most notable hikes I've ever done are; Half-Dome at Yosemite, Angels Landing at Zion National Park, The Kalalau Trail in Kauai, Hawaii, South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Mt. Scott at Crater Lake National Park, Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park, and Mt. Equinox in Vermont.


Burning Man 2011

Wishing I was there this week, I combed the web looking for photos from the past few days. Here are a couple magical scenes that I happened to come across.
    Jim Urquhart

Michael Holden
To see some more photos from this years Burning Man look here and here.
There also is an interesting piece in the NY Times about Rod Garrett, who was creator of the concentric circle plan for Black Rock City. He passed away last week.



Briana, Destiny, and Tiffany

from my forthcoming project: Typology of the American Teenager