Another Apology! (see post 10/23)

At the Holiday Inn in Zwickau - the name tag translates to: "I'm still learning."


Neat Meat

Zwickau, Germany



This is a rubber band ball that was several years in the making made from the rubber bands the post office would use for our mail. The wildfires in California got me thinking about this photo because when we moved to LA in 2003 the ball came with us and over the course of our two years there it was so very dry that it lost all of it's moisture and shriveled up. I sometimes feel a little conflicted when I see the images of wildfires as they are incredibly destrucive and reprenstative of somebody's tragedy - but they are also beautiul and entrancing as fire so often is. I imagine many people feel this way.


In Berlin

I will be traveling quite a lot the next couple months for work. I am thinking of sharing some thoughts about that work in a later post. Right now however I thought it would be good to get this photo up. The situation surrounding it is that my tripod bag did not make it with the rest of my baggage on the Air France flight.. In fact they didn't even have the bag number in the system. Needless to say I was a little anxious about it. At the lost baggage counter we were helped by this lovely woman who is wearing a neckband that says in German "ich bin schuld" which translates to - I am to blame. Imagine that at JFK!!


Joan Linder at Mixed Greens

This is a beautiful show here in New York by a great artist named Joan Linder. If you like drawings you will probably love this work.


I thought I'd introduce my ink into the blogosphere and a related project I have been working on for a few years. The shots of the tree and the cherry branch are my leg and arm respectively. The photos were a collaboration between myself and my boyfriend Seth. People often mistake it for one piece - though they are seperate, unrelated and about 5 years apart - the arm being the most recent. The tattoo artist for all my work is David Sena. He designed both the tree and the bluejay/cherry branch peice and he is quite renowned and very talented. I have another tattoo on my right arm of a jellyfish that is a drawing by Ernst Haeckel - the German Naturalist Illustrator from the nineteenth century. As far as the other shot of Alex - it is the most recent from a series I have been working on called Tattoo Boys. I have been working on this project of men and tattoos since around 2003. Check them out here.




I found you!!


Western Lives at The Nic

I currently have a show at the Nicolaysen Art Museum and Discovery Center in Casper, Wyoming. It is the only contemporary art museum in our least populated state and my first museum exhibtion. The lovely curator Lisa Hatchadoorian caught my show at Yossi Milo Gallery this past February and invited me to show my work at the Nic which was her inaugural exhibition there. I am sure not too many folks will be passing through Casper but if you do be sure to try to check it out. My friend Keiko, my partner Seth, and his parents all came out for the opening and it was a lot of fun and it felt really great to show my work from the West in the West. I also felt a genuine earnest appreciation for the arts "vibe" at the opening which was quite refreshing for us after being spoiled and inundated by so much art here in the big apple...

Loved this...



Where are you??


Hotel Room Series

If you haven't seen any of this body of work you might want to check it out. I have been making portraits since 1999 of my partner Seth & I in various hotel rooms around the world. They range from sweet to funny to sensitive to a little bit sexy.

Hotel Room Portraits



South Dakota. We were the only gays in the village. Why are they not marketing this place better?



some really cool, funny, and crazy signs from our recent road trip...

My first post!

These new photographs are from my series "The Plains". I recently returned from a road trip out West and did much of my shooting in South Dakota. I find while I am driving across the Plains that the wide open space and solitude are extremely inspirational to me.