I thought I'd introduce my ink into the blogosphere and a related project I have been working on for a few years. The shots of the tree and the cherry branch are my leg and arm respectively. The photos were a collaboration between myself and my boyfriend Seth. People often mistake it for one piece - though they are seperate, unrelated and about 5 years apart - the arm being the most recent. The tattoo artist for all my work is David Sena. He designed both the tree and the bluejay/cherry branch peice and he is quite renowned and very talented. I have another tattoo on my right arm of a jellyfish that is a drawing by Ernst Haeckel - the German Naturalist Illustrator from the nineteenth century. As far as the other shot of Alex - it is the most recent from a series I have been working on called Tattoo Boys. I have been working on this project of men and tattoos since around 2003. Check them out here.