Most wonderfully sublime thing I saw at Burning Man in 2007.
Good video to be found here.

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from the series Tattoo Boys


Interview with me by Art Relish at the Opening of Fall River Boys

Richard Renaldi at Jackson Fine Art from Art Relish on Vimeo.
Apologies for all my "um's". Public speaking was never my strong suit...


Pretty Cool

This book was one of a few advanced copies of Fall River Boys that were put aside for me to sign at the gallery in Atlanta last weekend. Needless to say I was excited that my signature was requested by Michael Stipe - a musician, artist, and activist that I have always admired. The entire shipment of books is due to arrive in the Untied States in exactly two weeks. If you have not joined our mailing list at charleslanepress.com - please do so now to receive word of their official release.


Cairo, Illinois

all images December 27, 2008


Letter from a Fall River Boy

I just found out about your book from my roommate. I just want to let you know that the book looks amazing. Me myself a 19 year old born and raised in the riv could totally relate to the photos, shit I grew up with a lot of those kids. I could name a bunch of them, a couple I am actually good friends with. Those photos bring me back to the days, a couple years ago walking in the rain to work after school. Ice cold, totally gives outsiders a view of life in Fall River.

About me
My name is Ellis Rua and I am 19 years old. I grew up in Fall River then quickly after graduating from Durfee I moved out to NYC on my own, in a pursuit to better my life. As you can tell Fall River doesn’t have much to offer a teenager in search of something more. I would love to volunteer sometime in helping you guys release this book. I understand there is a lecture this Monday coming up. Let me know if I could be of any assistance.

Take care


Elinor Carucci

My friend Elinor Carucci has a new website up and you can catch a sneak of some of her new body of work titled my children. Her photographs reveal an extremely intimate and beautiful portrayal of motherhood. Definitely check all of her work out. Her site features also a fullscreen version which I love and am slightly jealous of as I think this is a great way to look at work on the web.


February's 19th Century Photo

Matthew Brady - Conspirator Payne 1865


A Paintbrush and 'Nothing to Lose'

Sad and Moving video on NY Times.com today.


Robbie Conal

There has been a lot of press about Shepard Fairey as of late so I wanted to remind people about a political artist that pre-dates what Fairey is doing who I think was a true progressive. I first started seeing Robbie Conal's wheat-pasted posters in the mid 1980's in Chicago. His work took aim at the Reagan Administration, Jesse Helms, Iran Contra, and Thatcherism. He is still working today - check out his website with a full archive here.


Fall River Boys Opening at Jackson Fine Art

These days are not the greatest time to be having a show I know - but you do what you do when you do it... At any rate the show is going to be beautiful and opens next Friday at Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta. If you are in the area please come by and say hello.


Rena Effendi

Check out the very appealing work of Rena Effendi.


Marlene Dumas at MOMA

On Monday I saw the most beautiful show of paintings and drawings by South African artist Marlene Dumas at the Museum of Modern Art. The work really knocked my socks off and is right up there with the Peter Doig show as the best art exhibit that I have seen the past year or two... It is only up for just under two more weeks so if you live in NYC don't walk RUN to see this show!!

Denial As Political Strategy

A great post by Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo about the Stimulus Bill. Be very worried...


Silent Light

Yesterday I saw the most beautiful film by Mexican filmmaker Carlos Reygadas. Silent Light takes place in a Mennonite community in Chihuahua, Mexico and tells the story of a married man who falls in love with another woman. Reygadas' slow lingering camera allows us to appreciate the exquisite camerawork and to take in each scene without feeling rushed onto the next. The movie is in Plattdeutsch (aka Low-German). This was my first time hearing a native North American German Speaker - very interesting. Silent light is at the Film Forum in NY for one more week - catch it if you can!