Touching Strangers

New work from the series Touching Strangers

Tara and Allen  Asheville, NC   2009

Yichi, Steffen, Zhen, Kerstin, and Yujian   Miami  2008


What Still Remains

My dear friend Jessica Backhaus recently had a beautiful book of her still life work published by Kehrer titled What Still Remains. The work is really sublime and I highly recommend this book!



from the series Friends and Family


Martian Sunset

Mars Rover


Frederick W. Glasier's - American Circus

Yesterday, I was fortunate to catch the last day of the exhibition Heyday: Frederick W. Glasier's American Circus, 1890-1925.
The prints and circus posters were exquisite. Glasier's photographs of Wild West Shows, Clowns, and Circus Acts were from 8 x10 glass plate negatives. I am glad this work was brought to light by Peter Kayafas of the Eakins Press Foundation. Hopefully there will be a book of this work! In the meantime you can see more of Glasier's collection at the Ringling Museum of Art.


Happy Birthday Alaska and Hawaii

This year both Alaska and Hawaii celebrate their 50th Anniversary of statehood. I started work two years ago on a lengthy long term project documenting these states along the distant shores of the Pacific Ocean. You can see this work in progress here.

Jared and Glen, Big Beach, Maui, Hawaii 2007

Tonya, Kodiak Island, Alaska 2008


Beginning of a New Era

I'm feeling pretty good about the ending of the Bush years and the Reagan revolution. We are perhaps hopefully at the dawn of a shift in the way Washington works for us and interacts around the globe. Let's all hope for a great presidency - and in the spirit give this fabulous song by Michael Franti & Spearhead a listen... and if you still want more try this one by Manze Dayila and the Nago Nation.



January's 19th Century Photograph

View down the Chain Bridge over the Potomac near Washington circa 1865. Wet collodion glass plate negative by William Morris Smith.


Patrick Lee - Deadly Friends

Check out this amazing work by my friend Patrick Lee. Patrick is a Los Angeles based artist who does the most beautiful and intricate graphite drawings on paper. He uses photographs that he makes of these rough looking men from the streets of LA as source material for these freehand drawings. The detail and realism of his work blow me away.


Update - Fall River Boys

Please note that this book will not be available from online discounters such as Amazon or Buy.com, or from large retail chains like Barnes and Noble. It will only be available for purchase at the charleslanepress.com web store, and a handful of independent art and photography bookstores. Please join the mailing list at charleslanepress.com to be notified first of its availability.

We received a hand bound copy from the printing company a week or so ago. This is the book without the jacket. A gray linen with matt black foil stamping. I am so happy with this book and am very excited about its forthcoming release. The books will be on the boat bound for the shores of America in one week! If you haven't already signed up for the mailing list at charleslanepress.com please do so as those people will be notified of its availability first...

Princess Chunk

The other night, I was talking with some friends about old homoerotic/iconic male photography of the 1980s - รก la Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber - when I did a google image search for Greg Louganis and Calvin Klein to look for what I had mistakenly thought was an ad that Louganis did for Calvin Klein around 1984 - and behold this image below was one of the images on the first search page! If there isn't already, there should be a compilation of the funniest unrelated-to-actual-image-search results on the google...

pretty chunky...


First of 2009

Garrett, Cody, Phillip, and David    Asheville, NC

French Broad RIver   Asheville, NC

Gilbert with his Shofar   Asheville, NC



While in Memphis on our recent mid-south road trip I had the pleasure of eating some delicious BBQ at a place called Interstate Bar-B-Que. I am a real enthusiast when it comes to BBQ and whenever I travel to a region that is known for their BBQ - I make it my mission to try sample as much of it as possible. I have photographed the restaurant signs that left a big impression on me as I wanted to never forget them. The best BBQ I have had is in Selma, AL at a place called Lannie's-it was a transcendent experience.
The big 4 for BBQ are Memphis, Kansas City, North Carolina, and Texas.
My biggest disappointment has been Texas BBQ. While in Austin a couple of years ago I sampled from three different restaurants and they were all good but none of them overwhelmed me. Besides looking online- the best thing to do when looking for good BBQ is to just ask a local - they usually know better than anybody.
These are the 4 BBQ joints that have really stood out since I started this quest.

Lannie's Bar-B-Q Spot   Selma, AL 2004

Interstate Bar-B-Q   Memphis, TN 2008

Arthur Bryants BBQ   Kansas City, MO 2007

Payne's BBQ   Memphis, TN 2005


Model? or Photographer?

Joaquim    December 31, 2008