Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory

This is a really interesting episode of This American Life with an excerpt from The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs. If you haven't already heard it, definitely give it a listen. We should all know the back story of our ubiquitousness Apple products.

Mike Daisey lied about much of the information in his monologue. This American Life has retracted the entire show. Ira Glass did the honorable thing and admitted they were wrong and should have never aired the above episode. The Retracted show is really intense and interesting. It's all really unfortunate because Mike Daisey could have still made his point by saying his show was a work of fiction. He got greedy and wanted journalistic credit too.





As a result of my work on 49 & 50 and my immersion into Hawaii and Hawaiian culture I recently learned about the Hula. It is really impressive - check it out...

Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, April 1866
At night they feasted and the girls danced the lascivious hula-hula - a dance that is said to exhibit the very perfection of educated motion of limb and arm, hand, head, and body, and the exactest uniformity of movement and accuracy of "time." It was performed by a circle of girls with no raiment on them to speak of, who went through with an infinite variety of motions and figures without prompting, and yet so true was their "time," and in such perfect concert did they move that when they were placed in a straight line, hands, arms, bodies, limbs, and heads waved, swayed, gesticulated, bowed, stopped, whirled, squirmed, twisted, and undulated, as if they were part and parcel of a single individual; and it was difficult to believe they were not moved in body by some exquisite piece of mechanism.
-Mark Twain

The dancing for this first video starts at about the 2'10" mark.


2D3X's and a Cold.

Honolulu Farmers Market, February 4, 2012


Maurice Sendak: On Life, Death And Children's Lit

This emotional interview between national treasures Terry Gross and Maurice Sendak is a must listen.



Read the story about this house here.

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