Russia: The Land

Check out this fantastic slide show about agrarian Russia by James Hill on the NY Times website.

Unintentional Series - Now Intentional

Kodiak, Alaska


New York


Leigh Bowery

Leigh Bowery was a totally amazing performance artist, fashion designer, clubber, and model. I'd been wanting to post some pictures of his designs for ages so here they are. Bowery was the nude subject of some of Lucian Freud's amazing portraits - see below...


Alaska 8 x 10








Photolucida's Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a cool photo book contest I will be judging next month. Since 2004, Photolucida's Critical Mass program has been a tremendous resource for photographers trying to get their work out as well as for gallerists, curators, publishers, and editors in their search for good talent. A totally unique celebration of photography, Critical Mass is a way for photographers to have their work seen by over 200 of the best professionals in the business and to help produce and receive monographs of the work that everyone agrees is great. Previous Book Award winners include Amy Stein, Sage Sohier, Camille Seaman, Peter Van Agtmael, Hiroshi Watanabe, Donald Weber, Joni Sternbach, and Louie Palu.

Critical Mass 2008 is now open for registration and will remain open through October 6th!


America and the Tintype

A great little exhibit opened today at ICP called America and the Tintype. There are over a 150 beautiful tintypes from the 19th century. I was especially moved by the worker portraits. There is much to learn and observe about portraiture from 19th century - in particular body language. Check it out...



The world seems like such a dark place these days (though I suppose it always has been) and the presidential election has been getting me pretty down that I felt like brightening it up with this lovely youthful portrait.


Northern Lights Oyster Co.

Here is some of the work (that I had mentioned in a previous post) about the oyster farm I photographed at near Homer, Alaska. I have also woven the images into my long term project "the Farm." If you haven't seen that series check it out here.

Cleaning Oysters



Oysters and Mussels

Thor with Rope


Guy Tillim

While I was in South Africa this summer I came across a book called Jo' Burg by South African photographer Guy Tillam. I picked it up and was entranced by his powerful images. They struck me as both lyrical and meaningful. You can see more of his work here. There has been a lot of exciting new work coming out of South Africa the past couple of years-so keep your eyes open!

Captions and Images by © Guy Tillim

Facina, voodoo priest, at his temple, Porto Novo, Benin 2007

Petros Village, Malawi, 2006

Al's Tower, a block of flats on Harrow Road, Berea, overlooking the Ponte building

Facina’s house, Porto Novo, Benin 2007

Left: The Congo Star which adorned the Congolese flag during the Leopold era, photographed at the Military Museum in Brussels, January 2004. When Laurent Kabila displaced Mobutu Sese Seko during the first Congo War of 1996, he replaced the Zairean flag with a banner featuring the old Congo Star
Right: Goma residents salute Laurent Kabila after his army takes the city, 1997


Feeling Fishy

8 x 10 from Alaska...


Salmon heads and guts

Dan holding Jellyfish


Sushi and Moonies

On my recent trip to Alaska we frequented a pretty decent sushi restaurant in Kodiak City a couple of times. It being one of the only good restaurants in town we were talking with a guy I had just photographed about possibly going back there again when he mentioned that he never went there because they were owned by the Moonies and that they were a cult. This kind of depressed me as I am not a big fan of the moonies myself so decided to eat somewhere else instead. In poking around on google about the moonies I discovered that they have a serious connection to the entire sushi restaurant business in the United States. If you are a fan of sushi you have probably eaten sushi distributed by True World. In my research I discovered there was indeed a Kodiak connection as True World owns and operates a fish procesing plant on Kodiak island. You can read a story about it in the Chicago Tribune here and a wikipedia entry about Sun Myung Moon's Unification church here. I'm not sure what I am going to do about my sushi eating habits and I am sorry to spoil it for anybody but I thought it would be interesting information to post here...