Guy Tillim

While I was in South Africa this summer I came across a book called Jo' Burg by South African photographer Guy Tillam. I picked it up and was entranced by his powerful images. They struck me as both lyrical and meaningful. You can see more of his work here. There has been a lot of exciting new work coming out of South Africa the past couple of years-so keep your eyes open!

Captions and Images by © Guy Tillim

Facina, voodoo priest, at his temple, Porto Novo, Benin 2007

Petros Village, Malawi, 2006

Al's Tower, a block of flats on Harrow Road, Berea, overlooking the Ponte building

Facina’s house, Porto Novo, Benin 2007

Left: The Congo Star which adorned the Congolese flag during the Leopold era, photographed at the Military Museum in Brussels, January 2004. When Laurent Kabila displaced Mobutu Sese Seko during the first Congo War of 1996, he replaced the Zairean flag with a banner featuring the old Congo Star
Right: Goma residents salute Laurent Kabila after his army takes the city, 1997