Photolucida's Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a cool photo book contest I will be judging next month. Since 2004, Photolucida's Critical Mass program has been a tremendous resource for photographers trying to get their work out as well as for gallerists, curators, publishers, and editors in their search for good talent. A totally unique celebration of photography, Critical Mass is a way for photographers to have their work seen by over 200 of the best professionals in the business and to help produce and receive monographs of the work that everyone agrees is great. Previous Book Award winners include Amy Stein, Sage Sohier, Camille Seaman, Peter Van Agtmael, Hiroshi Watanabe, Donald Weber, Joni Sternbach, and Louie Palu.

Critical Mass 2008 is now open for registration and will remain open through October 6th!