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Tattoo Boy

Darren May 2008



I recently watched this beautifully photographed and superbly acted film titled Control - thoughtfully directed by Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn. It is about Ian Curtis - the deceased lead singer of Joy Division. The performance by actor/singer Sam Riley is award winning (he did all of the singing in the film as well). Oh yeah and the music kicks ass!



Vincent and Angelo

NY, NY  2008


It's Raining Macabre Snow Globe Art

In the past couple of weeks I came across two different artists working with snow globes. The first artist is a guy named Thomas Doyle whose work I saw at Mixed Greens gallery here in NY. The globe they had on display "Acceptable losses" was very beautiful and intruiging so I went to his website and looked at a lot more of his work there. Then on Wednesday evening I was at Aperture for a preview of their Fall 2008 Book list and lo and behold one of the books they are publishing is of photographs of dioramas of snow globes by a couple of artists named Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz. These also interested me so I though I would post this all here and cool everybody off a little bit...

If/then   2006  by Thomas Doyle

Acceptable losses  2008  by Thomas Doyle

Clearing   2006  by Thomas Doyle

detail from Clearing   2006  by Thomas Doyle

Traveler CCXVI(216),   2006 by Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz

Traveler 170 at Night,   2005 by Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz


Window Washer   Chicago  1985

I took this photo for my first high school photography class in the spring of 1985. I was very "proud" of that decisive moment. Years later I think it still holds up as a good snap. The window that is being washed was outside of our kitchen (as I spent my adolescent years living in a condo on Chicago's near north side).


The Roma Journeys

My lovely in-laws gave me the book the Roma Journeys by Joakim Eskildsen that I had been wanting as a 40th birthday present. It is nothing short of a masterpiece. One of the most impressive photography books ever produced and gorgeously printed. Joakim Eskildsen and his writer partner Cia Rinne spent seven years photographing and interviewing the Roma people in seven countries across the globe. The scope of the project is extremely impressive and the images are beautiful and sublime. There are both black and white panoramic and color images from each of the seven countries. I am partial to the color primarily because they are so unbelievably rich and gorgeous. You can buy it here or here.

Kalmán, Hevesaranyos - Hungary

Sandstorm, Barmer - India

The Tattoo, Nea Zoi - Greece

Wallpaper, Botosani - Romania

Frépillon III - France

Vodstroy I - Russia

Hannu, Helsinki - Finland
previous 8 images (c) Joakim Eskildsen


Tits-Up in a Ditch

The New Yorker used on one of my photographs to illustrate an Annie Proulx story in this weeks fiction issue. Annie Proulx is an amazing writer and I am honored to have one of my photographs accompany her story. It is a very sad and beautifully written story. Read it and literally weep.

Klista 2005


Nikon D3

My partner Seth Boyd who is an architectural photographer just invested in the Nikon D3 finally ending his procrastination and anxiety about the digital era. I used it a little this past weekend while we were in Northampton, Mass and I was extremely impressed with the results. Here are three photos I took out on a street where we were onlooking a tree that had just been struck by lightning.

Northhampton, MA May 31, 2008

Northhampton, MA May 31, 2008

Northhampton, MA May 31, 2008