Up on High

Having been on near 30 flights in the past year I often find myself pointing my camera out the window. I have seen some pretty amazing scenery from 40,000 feet in the air. The contours of the earth and cloud formations are infinitely amazing. In homage to that I have made a small e-book that I recently posted to my website. You can see it here.
I must add that I am not doing the earth any favors with all this flying around and though it does not make me any less culpable I have tried to offset all these carbon emission by contributing to a fund that invests in renewable energies. It is called Carbonfund.org and you can read about it here.


Taipei 101

Here are a few photos of Taipei 101. I arrived here yesterday on a very grey day with a light steady rain. Taipei 101 is currently the tallest building in the world but soon to be outdone by the Burj Dubai. I find myself more and more fascinated by tall structures like TV Towers and Skyscrapers - something about them being beacons and navigational aids when I am in a new place (or even my own town.) I remember how after the Twin Towers fell in NY I missed them in just that very sense. There is currently quite the race in Asia, the Gulf States, and Russia to outdo one another in terms of height and design. A great diagram of the ten tallest buildings in the world can be found here and one of skyscrapers under construction or proposed here. As a kid growing up in Chicago I always felt this sense of pride in being from the city with the tallest building in the world. When Chicago lost that title to Kuala Lumpur it was a little disappointing. Kuala Lumpur is actually our next stop on this trip so hopefully I will post a pic or two of the Petronas Towers next week.


New Large Format from Europe

Friends. Sevilla,Spain


Alexis, Stockholm,Sweden



49 & 50

I thought I would highlight a project I officially began last year that I am really excited about called 49 & 50. 49 & 50 is a series of portraits and landscapes from Alaska and Hawaii. I had been to both states before returning to Hawaii again last March with my 8x10 and was extremely inspired by both their natural beauty and the people I saw and met there. It interests me that these two states are separated from the mainland, have their own distinct culture and native populations and are so entwined with Asia. Unfortunately both of these rich and diverse states are often viewed only through the prism of tourism. This project which I hope will become a published two volume set is to be a long-term undertaking and I look forward to shooting more in both states in the months and years to come... Check out also some of the previous work I did there here.

Joyce and Alice

George, Pila, Mahaki, and Peipe


Chelsea and Hylan


Microsoft Ads

As some of you know I have been working on this monster job for Microsoft on a campaign called "On My Way." It has taken me to 13 countries already (with two more to go) and consumed most of my time since early October. The first of these ads are out now in Germany and I thought it would be nice to give you readers a peak at them. It has been a great education for me working on this campaign and at times both fun and extremely exhausting.