Taipei 101

Here are a few photos of Taipei 101. I arrived here yesterday on a very grey day with a light steady rain. Taipei 101 is currently the tallest building in the world but soon to be outdone by the Burj Dubai. I find myself more and more fascinated by tall structures like TV Towers and Skyscrapers - something about them being beacons and navigational aids when I am in a new place (or even my own town.) I remember how after the Twin Towers fell in NY I missed them in just that very sense. There is currently quite the race in Asia, the Gulf States, and Russia to outdo one another in terms of height and design. A great diagram of the ten tallest buildings in the world can be found here and one of skyscrapers under construction or proposed here. As a kid growing up in Chicago I always felt this sense of pride in being from the city with the tallest building in the world. When Chicago lost that title to Kuala Lumpur it was a little disappointing. Kuala Lumpur is actually our next stop on this trip so hopefully I will post a pic or two of the Petronas Towers next week.