The Roma Journeys

My lovely in-laws gave me the book the Roma Journeys by Joakim Eskildsen that I had been wanting as a 40th birthday present. It is nothing short of a masterpiece. One of the most impressive photography books ever produced and gorgeously printed. Joakim Eskildsen and his writer partner Cia Rinne spent seven years photographing and interviewing the Roma people in seven countries across the globe. The scope of the project is extremely impressive and the images are beautiful and sublime. There are both black and white panoramic and color images from each of the seven countries. I am partial to the color primarily because they are so unbelievably rich and gorgeous. You can buy it here or here.

Kalmán, Hevesaranyos - Hungary

Sandstorm, Barmer - India

The Tattoo, Nea Zoi - Greece

Wallpaper, Botosani - Romania

Frépillon III - France

Vodstroy I - Russia

Hannu, Helsinki - Finland
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