While in Memphis on our recent mid-south road trip I had the pleasure of eating some delicious BBQ at a place called Interstate Bar-B-Que. I am a real enthusiast when it comes to BBQ and whenever I travel to a region that is known for their BBQ - I make it my mission to try sample as much of it as possible. I have photographed the restaurant signs that left a big impression on me as I wanted to never forget them. The best BBQ I have had is in Selma, AL at a place called Lannie's-it was a transcendent experience.
The big 4 for BBQ are Memphis, Kansas City, North Carolina, and Texas.
My biggest disappointment has been Texas BBQ. While in Austin a couple of years ago I sampled from three different restaurants and they were all good but none of them overwhelmed me. Besides looking online- the best thing to do when looking for good BBQ is to just ask a local - they usually know better than anybody.
These are the 4 BBQ joints that have really stood out since I started this quest.

Lannie's Bar-B-Q Spot   Selma, AL 2004

Interstate Bar-B-Q   Memphis, TN 2008

Arthur Bryants BBQ   Kansas City, MO 2007

Payne's BBQ   Memphis, TN 2005