Receiving this email is what makes me glad I allow myself to be accessible on the internet.

I'm not totally sure if you're going to be actually reading this or if you have a secretary doing it for you, but I stumbled upon your website because someone made a post on tumblr.com about your website. I was scrolling through your hotel room pictures and came across one that struck my attention and is still currently holding it.
I showed this to my brother and we were both a little confused.
1 - Why did you come to Winner, of all places...
2 - What motel/hotel were you staying in...
And 3 - I've lived in Winner for 16 years and thought it was crazy seeing that you took a picture of yourselves and put it on your site. WINNER SD!

I hope to talk to you. You two guys in the pictures got bonus awesome points from me.

Winnser, SD 2007
Hotel Room Portraits