The Map is not the Territory

Photographers Vanessa Winship & George Georgiou are traveling the United States over the course of the next year documenting their impressions of America. You can follow their work and travels on a blog titled The Map is not the Territory. Vanessa won the 2011 Henri Cartier Bresson Award and with that award is here for the next year working on a new project Out There: An American Odyssey.
George Georgiou is accompanying his wife Vanessa on the American journey and also photographing along the way. George Georgiou's work from Turkey is included in MoMA's New Photography 2011. George and Vanessa met in photography school in the UK over twenty-five years ago. The two of them are extraordinary photographers, and have such an admirable working partnership. Good Stuff!

© 2011 George Georgiou Reno, NV.

© Vanessa Winship from Dancers and Fighters