Ben Huff

After my initial posting about going to Alaska to shoot for USA I received a couple of lovely emails from Alaskan Photographers. One of those being photographer Ben Huff who is doing a really exciting project on the Haul Road. If you are not familiar with the haul road (aka Dalton Highway) it is the 360 mile highway that goes to Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean. It is one of - if not the most - northern highway in the world. It is a treacherous drive full of rocks and flying gravel from tractor trailers on their way to the oil fields. Seth & I drove about a third of it back in 2003 - all the way to the Arctic Circle! Other strong and notable work to see on Alaska is the series Greetings from Dutch Harbor, Alaska by Jennifer Boomer and Fish-Work Bering Sea by Corey Arnold. Also a good resource for photographers and Photography lovers in Alaska is the Alaska Photographic Center.

All photos by (c) Ben Huff...