Photo Prodigies

In the past year I have had the opportunity to meet two young photographers who are what I would call prodigies. Firstly, there is Shane Lavalette, newly 21. I had the pleasure to meet Shane at an opening last summer and we got to know one another last summer while he was interning here in NY. The other young prodigy is someone I met through Flickr named Pete Halupka, age 19. Pete and I hung out while he was in town for the Armory show and we photographed each other while he was at my place. In both cases these young men are extremely knowledgeable with regards to both the history of photography and what is going on in the current photography scene. The hunger for photographic knowledge and experience that they both possess is really something incredible. I myself was an undergraduate photography major at NYU in 1986 but it seems like knowledge and information has increased tenfold much mirroring the advance and spread of the internet. Anyway, hats off to these two young photographic talents and all those like them. Keeping the photographic passion alive and soaring.

Jörg Colberg, Shane Lavalette, and myself September 2007
photo courtesy of Jörg Colberg's flickr page

Pete Halupka March 2008