Touching Strangers

Today I am very excited to present a new body of work titled Touching Strangers. The work is somewhat of a departure for me as there is very much a conceptual component to this new series. I hope to continue this project and push this idea even further but at present I feel very much ready to put it out there... And out there it is - you can see the entire series in the new issue of Fraction Magazine. There is also an interview about the work by Jörg Coldberg in Fraction as well as on Jörg's blog.
And a generous shout out from Andy Adams at Flak Photo too...
Comments are welcome and appreciated...

Reginald and Nicole   Los Angeles, CA 2007

Giovanni and Deborah   Provincetown, MA. 2007

Ilene and Loria   New York, NY 2007

Mariana, Adriana, & Robert    Saugatuck, MI 2007

Kim and Yoshie   Los Angeles, CA 2007