Eating in LA

I've been meaning to post about the great food scene in LA for since I was last there a couple of months ago. Needless to say there is an endless variety of inexpensive eating options from across the global food palette. Here are a handful of the highlights from my last trip.


Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe, 2122 West Seventh Street

Shrimp Tostada (the absoulte hands down highlight)

El Mar Azul Tostada Truck - 4702 N Figueroa St - Sycamore Grove Park Highland Park, CA

Kimchi Stew

Byul Gobchang 3819 West 6th Street

Burrito al Pastor

Tacos Mexico corner of Broadway and 9th Streets

Spicy Hot Wings

Kyochon Chicken 3833 W 6th St

mmmm Donuts...

Randy's Donuts 805 West Manchester Ave.