A Larry David moment.

Last week at the NY Art Book Fair towards the end of the day I went to relieve myself in the bathroom. I was intending to use the toilet but what I found there was a river of pee on the seat. Not feeling like cleaning someone else's mess up - I just decided to pee and wait to use the toilet. On top of it the flush mechanism was dripping with condensation and rather than touch it I decided to use my foot to flush - which my attempt clumsily resulted in only a half flush. Frustrated, I made haste and exited the bathroom stall when behind me waiting to use that very toilet was about the most influential photography critic in New York. Knowing this person I said "Hello", and went on my way. I was immediately traumatized because what I should have probably said is "Hello, I'm not the splasher". Dilemma is the word - I actually entertained the notion of sending a letter or email to said photo critic to explain the situation... I could only imagine how Larry David would have handled this situation and how his attempts to make things right would only result in further misunderstandings and ridiculousness. The moral of this story is to Hold it!