Meier und Mueller

I had been anticipating the arrival of the inaugural book from the new imprint Meier und Mueller, Conditions by Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann. The wait finally came to an end last week when I received a copy hand delivered by my friend Joerg Colberg, the co-publisher of Meier und Mueller and blogger extraordinaire. I was not exactly sure what to expect as I am not too familiar with Andrés work. I had heard about the unique binding and interactive sequencing as well so I was more than a little intrigued. I am happy to report here that the book came off fantastically well. The images are all very strong, as is the printing. And the fold out sequencing is a novel way to approach a photography book. I liked the experience of being able to turn two pages at the same time and appreciated the thoughtfulness of the pairings. I am also attracted to the built in potential, that this book allows us to create our own pairings. Design and Sequencing aside, I think the photographs are really good and this is a book to add to your collection. I'm already looking forward to seeing more titles from this bold and exciting new imprint.