Loving this email!

i love your 'touching strangers' photographs! while some of the people are stiff and uncomfortable with the exercise, others seem so warm toward the other people in the picture with them. fascinating!

the subject matter kind of reminds me of the way i used to love watching people relate to one another when i attended nascar races. for over a decade, i camped two weekends a year in the infield of atlanta motor speedway. like a great number of other attendees in the infield, i would sit up high on a camper top to get a better view of the race. from that height (ours was 7' 3") it's also easy to watch people milling about on the ground below. i was never a huge fan of the race itself (i admit it, i went for the social aspects. i'm a party girl. what can i say?!), and since during the races it's difficult to have a conversation even with someone right next to you, i did a lot of people-watching. it was completely impossible to hear what people in other camps were saying to one another, but i loved reading their body language and facial expressions. i think the fact that i couldn't hear them actually made it more enjoyable for me in a way. i always found it very heart-warming to watch *that* many people (thousands!) on such a small piece of real estate obviously having so much fun with each other, shaking hands, hugging, laughing, loving one another's company. and total strangers were instant friends if only for a few short days.

thank you for your work!