Regular Readers of my blog probably know I am a big fan of both BBQ and Southern/Soul Food. This weekend some of the best Pitmasters converge on New York City for the annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party in Madison Square Park. Seth & I sampled some seriously delicious pulled pork and bbq ribs from pitmasters representing both Mississippi and Southern Illinois. If you are reading this today and love BBQ you might want to make a little detour...
On our recent drive down to Florida we made it a point to sample regional southern food. The highlight was the Lima Bean stew at Ernie's in Charleston, SC. It was one of the most smoky and flavorful stews I have ever had. The proprietors were incredibly welcoming and as sweet as the sweet tea accompanying our stew.
Not to be missed if you are in Fort Lauderdale is Tom Jenkins BBQ. The line wraps around and outside the door at this place and I found their bbq well worth the hype and the wait.


Tom Jenkins BBQ