Elton John

My nephew Jonathon (pictured below)

who is a big fan of Elton John asked me a couple of months ago if I might be able to try to get him tickets for the Elton John/Billy Joel concert in Chicago this summer (being that Elton has been a big collector of my work). I wasn't so sure as I had only dealt with Elton through my gallery. I figured that there was no harm in asking so I wrote an email to my gallerist to see if this might be at all possible. They passed on my request to the personal hair dresser of Elton John who also happened to have one of my photographs in his collection and he was kind enough to have obliged us with 4 tickets and backstage passes.

We hadn't any idea of what to expect but we were delighted to have had the chance to meet Elton John and chat with him for nearly twenty minutes.

We talked a lot about photography and his passion for the medium. He was also really engaged and made us all feel at ease even though we were all pretty starstruck.

Sir Elton's shoe

and then we were treated to an amazing three hour concert in historic Wrigley Field. It was pure joy.

Billy Joel

my new bff!