Michael Light

My friend Michael Light was in town not too long ago and showed me the maquette for his forthcoming book Bingham Mine/Garfield Stack published by Radius Books. It is a stunning body of work of his aerial photographs of the Bingham Canyon copper mine in Utah. The work raises your anxiety level over the devastation of our environment while at the same causing you to gasp at Michael's beautiful images that are so thoughtfully composed all from the seat of his small CTSW airplane. I was also fortunate to get a peek at some of his other work from the mountain states and can attest to their magnificence.
If you do not know who Michael Light is - he is the author of both Full Moon and 100 Suns - two important books which were the result of him doing thousands of hours of archival research of the Apollo missions and Nuclear Test Site photographs. By the way, Michael shoots 4x5 film while piloting an aircraft at the same time! Can you do that?

all images © Michael Light