Craftspeople and Charles Lane Press

Book Making is often a collaborative process. We at Charles Lane Press take great pride in the specialists that we work with. Throughout the editing, scanning, production, and printing of our books we know how important it is to utilize the expertise of the most respected practitioners in each of these fields. This post pays homage to them.

Photographer and Editor of Fall River Boys: Marc Joseph Berg

Our editors help guide our artists with image selection, sequencing, cover choice, and writing copy.

Designer, Filmmaker, and Cake Maker Extraordinaire: Andrew Sloat

Andrew works on the product identity, packaging and presentation of our artists' work. He works closely with our artists'and editors in the sequencing of the material and chooses fonts and typeface.

Color Seperator: Robert J Hennessey

Bob scans our artwork and creates the separated digital files into their component ink values. Which are then used to make the plates we use on press.

Bob commenting on an image from the forthcoming book Outerland by Allison Davies

Production Supervisor:  Bryonie Wise

Bryonie helps guide us through the technical aspects of the printing of our books. She advises the press operator about what inks to add or subtract when we are on press.

Bryonie doing a press check on Fall River Boys

Press Operator at Cantz