Jennifer meets Thor

Photographer Jennifer Boomer emailed me recently to tell me that she encountered the subject of one of my photographs from my project 49 & 50. I met Thor while photographing on an oyster farm in Jakalof Bay near Homer, Alaska last summer. I love it when photography intersects with life in this way. Jennifer's email tells it best - other than Thor remembering incorrectly that I photographed him in Hawaii when it was actually in Alaska!

Hi Richard,

Hope this email finds you well. I have a photo connection that I wanted
to share with you! I just finished-up a 5 month stint in Bristol Bay,
Alaska where I was shooting more fishing community photos. I was
fortunate enough to find a boat ride leaving Naknek in Bristol Bay
heading to Homer with a commercial fisherman friend. The trip is
supposed to take 3 days, buts took us 7. It was a terrific adventure: 4
gill net boats, 16 people and 2 dogs. It took us much longer than
expected due to boat problems, terrible weather and lots of partying.
For 3 days all of the boats were docked at at the head of Illiamna Lake
due to poor weather. On the 2nd day I had major cabin fever decided to
take a hike and another guy in our fleet decided to come along. During
our hike he asked me about my photography and randomly asked me if I had
ever heard of you. Ironically enough, you have photographed him in
Hawaii. His named is Thor. He is now fishing salmon up in Alaska and was
part of my epic 2009 Alaska Adventure! Such a small world!


Jennifer Boomer's work from Dutch Harbor, Alaska is of particular interest to me and quite lovely. Check it out here.

© Jennifer Boomer

© Jennifer Boomer 

Thor   2008    ©Richard Renaldi